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Relaxe & Snooze

Relaxe & Snooze

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Relax & Snooze is our powerful blend of sleep gummy that combines the highest purity of naturally sourced Griffonia Seed Extract and Passiflora Extract to give you an ethically sourced sleeping aid, without the non-habit forming side effects of sleeping tablets.

Sleep Gummies help boost your body’s natural sleep hormone production and have been specifically formulated to help support your body’s natural melatonin production to help combat your anxiety, ease your body to relax, and prevent waking up through the night.

For best results it is recommended to take 2 gummies per day regularly for at least 3 months

  • Aids in undisturbed and improved sleep by increasing melatonin production
  • A natural mood stabiliser reduces anxiety and improves mood
  • It helps weight loss by increasing the feeling of fullness causing you to eat less
  • Reduces stress

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Misha Ibrahim
Not taken it yet

I haven’t taken this one because I researched what 5 htp is and it made me nervous. It has horrible side effects and i have already suffered with melatonin. So not sure if i will take these. I take almost every every other gummy they offer and they’re great. Especially the PCOS care one. That is phenomenal

Nyeem Masood
Really works 👍

It's a Awesome product introduced. First I read other people reviews about it got all positive and now it's helping me out while using.1 thing which I also feel and seen in comments that all gummys are stuck in the bottle because there is no spacey powder added in it you should work on it .All-over it's a great product for making mind relaxe . Soon I will order more.

Affective but moderately

It has its perks like somewhat good sleep but sometimes it does cause anxiety and thoughts

How much to use daily? And what time

Can anybody tell me the usage quantity and timing? And secondly i just got my parcel . Their prices are high with low quantity

Use 2 gummies one hour before sleep for better sleep. Can you please tell us what quality issue you faced so it helps us in improving our products?

Fatimah Farooq

I used it for a whole month and it’s amazing it has helped me adjust my sleep cycle. The only bad thing was that the gummies were not powdered well, they were sticky and so hard to get out of the bottle. In the end they were just stuck to the bottom.